The Immigration Law Firm 
(A Branch of Linwood Law)

If you are interested in obtaining reliable, first-rate and professional legal advice about New Zealand's immigration laws, policies and procedures from a law firm which specialises in the immigration field then you have without a doubt come to the right place.

Our Promise To You:

We have experience in handling a full range of cases, from the very simple to the exceptionally complicated.  We will give you an honest assessemnt of your immigration situation and we will outline any and all options that are available to you.  If there is nothing that we can do for you we will tell you that instead of pursuing hopeless or unrealistic options.  We charge a fee for an initial exploratory but comprehensive consultation.


Qualified By Law:

Paulo Kündig, as a Specialist Immigration Lawyer is exempt by law from the requirement to hold an Immigration Adviser's Licence.  Please also note that employees of The Immigration Law Firm who provide immigration advice in the context of their employment agreement also fall within this exemption.  Please see the below website for confirmation of the same.

Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007


 (Have a look at a documentary series @newzstories that presents

the stories of immigrants from their experiences, learnings,
talents and future plans, featuring our very own Paulo Kündig 

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